At the beginning of MCO, Wai Yan’s paper flower business was affected. So, she prayed for God’s leadership. Later, someone suggested her to conduct Instagram live tutorials. She heeded that idea and found that it garnered great responses! She was also featured on an article in Soon, she received invitations to conduct private Zoom workshops for a few corporate events. God’s blessings continued to flow when her sales were doubled in conjunction with Mother’s Day, making it the highest sale among the past. Even though she feared running low of materials, God has always provided. It was impossible to think of new opportunities or survival but God had helped her to thrive, which she praises God for His amazing provision.


在行动管制令初期,Wai Yan 的纸花生意受到的冲击不小。因此,她转向神,祈祷神的带领。 后来,有人建议她尝试透过 Instagram 直播来教课。她尝试了,也看见有很好的回应! 更报道了她的故事… 很快的,有好几家公司邀请她举办私人的在线 Zoom 工作坊。 母亲节来临时,神的祝福继续涌入她的生命当中 — 销售量翻倍了, 这也是有史以来最高的数字。期间,她也担心材料不足, 但是神的供应源源不绝。 当时的处境让新的机会或生存机率看似遥不可及,但神助她一臂之力,让她得胜有余,昌盛亨通 — 她心中对于神的供应感到无比感激。

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