Three years ago, I gave myself a challenge to start a pharmacy business named Alive. The journey wasn’t easy at all.

After I started the business, I had many doubts but God assured me that my purpose was to help people with my knowledge.

After a year in the business, I decided to expand it and God led me to a location for a new outlet. However, the rental was very high. But somehow, with God’s favour, the landlord agreed to reduce the rental to an affordable rate and I was able to open an outlet there.

I recently requested for my landlord not to increase the rental due to the weak economy. I sent my request a month before the rental was to go up.

One month passed and I still had not heard anything from the landlord and I felt that I may need to rethink my next step if the rental was going to go up.

I prayed hard and my homies prayed with me too.

In early November, I received a call from my colleague saying that my landlord had sent a letter to inform me that the rental would be maintained at the current rate for one year! I was really amazed and touched by God! He can turn the impossible to possible if you really have faith in Him!

I know that everything will turn out for the better in His hands. All that I have been through, the ups and downs, are within His plans so that I can grow stronger and wiser. God is really amazing!

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