Josephine is my Homes leader. One day, she assigned me to prepare and lead Communion during Homes. When I arrived to the Homes location, Jo offered to use her grape juice, which was kept in the fridge. At that time, Josephine just started her baking business. The moment I opened the fridge door, I immediately heard a voice within, “Jo needs a new fridge, there’s not enough space for cakes. Give to it to get it started”.


I was a little stunned. I wondered whether I heard the voice correctly.

Nonetheless, I understood the “Give to it to get it started” part. It meant that I was to be the first person to give some money to get the ball rolling for more funds to come for the new fridge.


Throughout Homes, I kept asking myself whether I did hear from God because Jo had never mention about needing or getting a fridge.


After Homes, despite wanting to pull out, I finally took a bold step and spoke to Jo. Even if I did not hear from God correctly, it will still bless her. So I got Jo aside and told her, “God spoke to me to give you this money. It’s for your new fridge. Do you need a new fridge?”



Without Joyce’s knowledge, I had placed an order for a new showcase chiller a couple of days before she spoke to me. It was an urgent need because my current fridge then could not meet my needs anymore.

On that Homes night during Homes offering, I was challenged by God to give the biggest note I had in my pouch. I thought twice about it because I remembered I did not have much left in the pouch. Yet, I obeyed. Little did I know that God already had a plan and I was blessed with more than what I had sowed into the offering.



When Jo confirmed it, I was excited because I heard correct from God. I was even more excited because I recalled telling God that I wanted to hear from Him in specifics. This was very specific! God specifically mentioned “no space for cakes” instead of “no space for food”. Later on, I learned that I was the first to give money towards her new fridge.


Also, at that point, my family had expenses to pay for the month and we could not fulfil it. With that in mind, giving money to someone else was a difficult thing to do. However, I decided to obey despite my concerns about the unpaid bills.


The following week, God created a work opportunity for me to regain the money five-fold! Our testimony took an initial step of obedience for both Josephine and myself. From that first step, we experienced the blessing of God, which brought about this joint testimony. God has proven that He hears and answers our prayers.

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